Uranomi Tsunakiro
General statistics
Born 2120 CE
Affiliation Confederate Sovereign Colonies of the Tsuinaron
Titles Student, University of Okkarabō
Skills/Abilities Knowledge of Biotechnology, Virology and Xenobiology
Status alive

Uranomi Tsunakiro is a male Tsuinaron scientist affiliated with the Confederate Sovereign Colonies of the Tsuinaron. He is involved with the Vaikan-Tsuinaron joint Andromeda Colonisation Project, and is one of the few survivors of the first colonists, as they were attacked by Eruption upon initiation of exploration of the planet they had first planned to colonise, Fisiena.


Uranomi is a Tsuinaron born on the planet of Okkarabō, in the territory of the CSCT. Unlike most Tsuinaron, Okkarabō Tsuinaron are more accustomed to humid weather, and tend to have darker hair (e.g. black, dark - hazel brown, etc.); rarely is an Okkarabō Tsuinaron seen with light-coloured hair. Uranomi possesses all the features of a typical Okkarabō Tsuinaron, save his eyes, which are a clear and bright brown, whereas the typical Okkarabō Tsuinaron has dull and dark black eyes.


Uranomi is very hard working and patient, opposed to his Vaikan counterpart, Salanna. He is highly intelligent, although he did not do very well in Primary and Secondary school as he was disabled by a childhood autism, unique to the Tsuinaron, known as the Tsukamoku Syndrome. However, despite his disability, Uranomi strived to achieve and excel, and he eventually got a position in the prestigious National University of Okkarabō. Many of his peers considered Uranomi as a pleasant, quiet fellow who was willing to help others, even if he did not gain anything from it. 


Uranomi was born on Okkarabō, growing up in a prestigious family which was extremely successful in society: his father was a member of the Confederacy Senate, representing Okkarabō, while his mother was a successful scientist in the field of general biology. Pushed by his parents to achieve success in school, Uranomi had a hard childhood, being pushed by his parents to do something that was very difficult for him to do, considering the Syndrome, which, for most of his childhood, nobody knew he had.

After being accepted into the National University, Uranomi quickly outskilled his mentors and peers and became a top student. Upon graduating, he was offered a post as Science Minister of the CSCT, but, being humble and having a preference to keep a low profile, refused the post.

When the CSCT declared its independence from the DFSNA, Uranomi was nominated successfully to join a team consisting of Vaikan from the CG and other Tsuinaron from the CSCT on a special mission to colonise the Andromeda Galaxy.


  • Chaos Crisis: Revenge of the Legends (coming this May)

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