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The Urzogian Imperial Forces (also known for its acronym UIF as the "Youef") is the military force of the Grand Urzogian Empire. The troops are known for their determination and the sacrifices they have made in the past to safeguard the Empire, both its home world and its colonies.

Branches and DutiesEdit

Imperial Urzogian Army - The Imperial Urzogian Army is responsible for any ground based operation such as claiming and defending territorium from any foreign threat.

Imperial Urzogian Marine Corps - The Imperial Urzogian Marine Corps are tasked with defending the ships of the Imperial Urzogian Navy and boarding the enemy's ships. It is not uncommon for them to be deployed on the ground as well alongside the IUA's forces.

Imperial Urzogian Navy - With its immense size the Imperial Urzogian Navy has the task to defend Urzogian space from any foreign threat. They protect the Empire's intrests in space by defending the colonies, patrolling on trade routes and escorting ships through neutral or foreign space.

Urzogian Expeditionairy Force - The Urzogian Expeditionairy Force is a sub-branch of the Imperial Urzogian Navy. It consists mostly of scientists, mapmakers and pioneers that volunteered.

Imperial Urzogian Home Guard - The IUHG is a small branch of volunteers that protects the home world, their training is less than that of a marine or soldier but is more difficult than that of a member of the Colonial Militia.

Urzogian Colonial Militia - Members of the Urzogian Colonial Militia are volunteers ready to protect their colony. When a colony gets attacked they will fight alongside soldiers or marines until reinforcements arrive.

Rand StructureEdit

Imperial Urzogian ArmyEdit

  • Enlisted
    • Cadet
    • Private Third Class
    • Private Second Class
    • Private First Class
    • Corporal
    • Sergeant
  • Officers
    • Lieutenant
    • Captain
    • Lieutenant Commander
    • Commander
    • Major
    • Lieutenant Colonel
    • Colonel
    • Field Marshal
    • Lieutenant General
    • General
    • High General
    • Marshal

Imperial Urzogian NavyEdit

  • Enlisted
    • Naval Cadet
    • Leading Crewman
    • Staff Crewman
    • Electronics Officer
    • Bridge Officer
  • Officers
    • Ensign
    • Lieutenant Third Class
    • Lieutenant Second Class
    • Lieutenant Commander
    • Commander
    • Colonel
    • Captain
    • Fleet Commander
    • Admiral
    • High Admiral

Ships/Vehicles/Field Guns UsedEdit

Spacecraft/Naval VesselsEdit





Light Corvettes (LiCo)Edit

Heavy Corvettes (HeCo)Edit

Gunboats (Gu)Edit

Light Frigattes (LiFr)Edit

Heavy Frigattes (HeFr)Edit

Light Destroyer (LiDe)Edit

Heavy Destroyers (HeDe)Edit

Light Battleship (LiBa)Edit

Heavy Battleship (HeBa)Edit

Battlecruisers (BaCr)Edit

Dreadnoughts (Dr)Edit

Land ForcesEdit








Semi-Automatic Machine GunsEdit



Assault RiflesEdit

Sniper RiflesEdit

Rocket LaunchersEdit

Wars and Notable Battles Fought InEdit

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