The Uulish are a strange race that has made it's way across countless worlds in the Andromeda galaxy and beyond.

It is a creature that is indescribable in it's appearance. Not even it's dimensions can be averaged as it is so strange. This has led to a lot of people believing that the Uulish are just made up creatures, but they are indeed real and so very weird.

One might describe it as rejupilish or tralganarian as no real words of value could express what this creature truly is.


The Uulish are not known to have a preference over any sort of environment or food supply. This is mainly because they have never been seen eating anything, or at least if they did the researchers couldn't tell it was eating, and reliable information has not been recorded on the environments it lurks in.

It has been known to live in barren rocky landscapes, lush jungles, deep oceans and gas giants. A very diverse range. However, because of how an Uulish is described these could in fact be other creatures that are also too strange to describe. Therefore it has been concluded that there are many different species of Uulish across the universe and some languages have adopted the name to be a word for "strange", "alien" and "other".



Known factsEdit

  • Their outer is of pink colouration after tanning.
  • An Uulish's insides can be mixed together to make a powerful hallucinogenic.


Many planets across the Andromeda galaxy and further have these strange creatures in.

Most notably:

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