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Average height


Average Lifespan

81 Earth years


Sideways locomotion.

The Vakkel are a member race of the Shekeshta Hegemony in the Triangulum Galaxy.


Stocky quadrupeds, Vakkel are notable for their sideways locomotion, which is more efficient for them due to their articulation. This has had major effects on their physiology; they have four eyes set around the head with equal spacing, and the arms are attached to the front and back of the body rather than at the shoulders. A bony exoskeleton covers the chest and head with openings for the eyes and mouth.

Vakkel ears are located at the knees and olfaction is carried out exclusively by the tongue. To sniff, a Vakkel extends its tongue and sticks it in and out repeatedly. They are of medium size, around 1.3 metres tall and massing 60 kg or more.

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