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Average length


Average Lifespan

80 Earth years


Tail telson.

The Vannah are a race of sapients from the Triangulum Galaxy. They are the founding race of the United Vannah Planets, a member of the Iralek Alliance.


The Vannah are hexapedal creatures with reptilian scales and back armour like a crocodile's. Their jaws are composed of four pincers which move inwards or outwards together. On the head are two small eyes, of which only the pupil is visible. Six feathery antennae protrude from the side of the head.

They have long tails, which end in two telsons. This contains poison glands producing a potent neurotoxin, though differences in biochemistry and nervous system mean that this chemical does not affect most alien species. The tail is well muscled and can be rapidly forced into the flesh of attacking animals. Usually, it is positioned behind the body, but is raised above it when they feel threatened or are manipulating. The two telsons are opposed and used as a gripper.


Almost all Vannah are members of the UVP. The remainder are small-time pirates and rogues. ----

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