Veoru Karik
General statistics
Born 2104 AD
Affiliation Karalian Empire
Titles Hero, Warrior Prodigy
Skills/Abilities Battlefare
Status Active
Species Vaikan
Gender male

Veoru Karik was a high-ranking member of the Karalian Empire even though still in his late teen years. He was trained by one of the most well-known soldier academy's among the Vaikan. He is skilled in ninja-like tactics making him act a assassin.


He is a lean-well built soldier of avearge height for a Vaikan at least. He has pure blue skin and short dark blue hair plus blood red eyes. He wears a sleeveless blue skin-tight shirt that is made out of reinforced steel fabric. He also has almost baggy white pants, knee-high black boots.

Abilities and Equipment Edit

Veoru is well versed in many marital arts fight styles. Along with many sword styles which makes him a deadly opponent when he has black long-sword is attached to his back. He has two pistols strapped to each of his legs and one dagger strapped to his waist.


Infiltration of IncultaEdit

Veoru Karik served as a scout to obtain some plans during the Kklxin War. He snuck into a base on the gas giant moon Inculta.

Rescue of GalianaEdit

Veoru Karik assisted in the rescue of Galiana from being held captive on the planet Tokustar.

Relationships With Other Characters Edit


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