Spectral type Unknown
Age Unknown
Size Unknown
Surface temperature Unknown
Diameter Unknown
Stars 1
Planets 6
Moons 36
Cluster Harvester Quarantine Zone
Region or Arm Perseus Arm
Galaxy Milky Way Galaxy
Faction Shapers from Razanna

Verot is a Class K star in the Harvester Quarantine Zone.



Verdantis is a super-Earth that at two Gaea masses. Orbiting at a very close distance to its star, Verdantis's surface is covered in molten rock and leaves behind a gas trail.


Astrus is a super Earth at five times the mass of Gaea. It is made almost entirely of iron and has almost no volcanic activity.


Kova is a super Earth at 1.8 times the size of Gaea. It has a Venusian greenhouse effect, resulting in volcanic plains and clouds of sulfuric acid.


A world at six times the mass of Gaea, Rhanca is a large garden world home to the tribal species, the Varnox who appear as a squat, four-legged species. The Varnox were the first sapient species the Harvesters built farms out of the Varnox, providing themselves an early supply of artificial, organic units.


Atokus is an ice covered super-Earth at 2.4 times the mass of Gaea. It has a ring system formed by a meteor striking one of its moons.


Atrama is an ammonia gas giant which is brown in color. Like Jupiter, Atrama emits high amounts of lethal radiation, impeding the development of life on its moons. The moon Razanna however is an exception and contains life beneath its icy surface.


Main article: Razanna

Razanna is a world with an icy crust, but subterranean caves beneath warmed by geothermal heat. Thus, Razanna is surprisingly warm underground. Here, the Harvester civilization flourished, beginning crusades against the "imperfect" life forms, and seeking to destroy synthetic life.

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