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The Verunas Class Capital Ship is the current apex of Exonoma technology, these ships are equipped with the lastest technology and are made t represent the perfect balance between strength and grace. These ships are used by the Exonoma Flotilla.


There are 3 subclasses:

  • Verunas Gravedigger Class Capital Ship: The Gravedigger's extra defences allow it to endure more hits and thus being capable of taking out more enemies. It sacrificed some of it's speed though.
  • Verunas Fortress Class Capital Ship: The Fortress is meant as an assault ship, its many weapons are meant to focus on multiple enemies and taking them down fast before being fired upon.
  • Verunas Spearhead Class Capital Ship: The Spearhead is the fastest of the Verunas Class Capital Ships, its design allowed faster speeds but at the cost of some of its firepower.

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