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The Verunas Fortress Class Capital Ship is one of the 3 subclasses of the Verunas Class Capital Ship made by the Exonoma. These are gargantuan ships larger and stronger than dreadnoughts and often serve as flagships unless when in a fleet solely composed of Capital Ships.


The 'Fortress' is a 58 km long ship with 3 main components.

Upper PartEdit

The upper part which is smaller and where the bridge, life support and communications center is located. A transportation systems run through the center to bring crewmembers to their destination. This systems consists of 36 trains in a 6 by 6 raster.

Lower PartEdit

The lower part where most of the hangars, barracks and armouries are located is thicker and slightly longer than the Upper Part.

Back PartEdit

The back part is where the engines for the weapons and the drives are located, most of the maintenance systems are here too.


This type of ship began serving in the Exonoma Flotilla several centuries ago when the Exonoma wanted a bigger garantue of their already imminent victory over the Nedhraye. It was part of the Verunas Class System.

Known ShipsEdit

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