Star Sol
Type Ice giant
Primary Delse
Gravity N/A
Orbital distance 0.04 AU
Day length 15.2 days
Year length 15.2 days
Diameter 36.1 km
Axial tilt Zero
Mean Unknown
Minimum Unknown
Maximum Unknown
Atmosphere composition trace water vapor
Surface pressure Unknown
Faction Delson Hegemony
Population Unknown
Major imports Unknown
Major exports Unknown

Vollus is a large asteroid that orbits Delse.

Physical characteristicsEdit

Remarkably, Vollus has entered into an orbit of Delse, rare for moons. However, this orbit is not stable and is highly elliptical. In 500,000 years, Vollus will be flung outward and begin orbitting Thyla.

Vollus itself is a standard carbonaceous asteroid rich with minerals. It provided Delse an early source of minerals during their early planetary colonization efforts. Currently, Vollus is home to Delse's orbital garrison.

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