4.8 billion years


0.714 solar masses

No. planets


No. moons



Iralek Sector, Triangulum Galaxy

Vura is a star system in the Triangulum Galaxy. It is home to The Sequence.


Vura is a 4.8 billion-year old K3-class star. It has a surface temperature of 4730K, a mass of 0.714 solar masses, and a life expectancy of around thirty-five billion years. It has an unusually high metallicity but not an extensive planetary system.


Kalios is a terrestrial planet of around 0.4 Earth masses, orbiting 0.36AU from Vura. It has been extensively mined and has a number of space elevators for movement of cargo into low orbit. Sequence robots continue to excavate the surface and move the material to the elevators. It has a large moon, Plumbos, which is also mined and is around 0.01 Earth masses.

Wolfrus seems to be the hubworld of the Sequence, 0.5AUs from its star. It is a 1.2 Earth-mass terrestrial planet but only 12,500km in diameter, giving it a surface gravity of 1.35g. Its high density is due to the very large quantities of iron and heavy metals within. The surface is about three-quarters ocean, and Sequence lifecubes sit upon the land. The planet has a set of artificial rings composed of boulder-sized drone vehicles, heavily armed and equipped with extensive sensors. A number of large space stations also occupy the planet and its Langrangian points.

Argentos is a super-earth of 3.2 Earth masses that orbits at 0.78 AUs. It has been colonised by the Sequence and several lifecubes are present, as well as a large number of space elevators to return products to Wolfrus. It has a thin nitrogen-carbon dioxide atmosphere and a number of small moons, which are mined.

Natrus is a superjovian gas giant, of 11.4 Jupiter masses, and orbits 2.9AUs from Vura. It has a pale yellow hue due to ammonia crystals in the atmosphere and is used by the Sequence for hydrogen extraction. There is a moon system of at least thirty different moons, of varying size. Many are mined or used as hydrogen depots. A lifecube sits on the core of the planet.

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