War of the Tsuinaron States
Date: 1 WSE - 1 GSE
Place: Puqortia
Outcome: Formation of the Tsuinaron Union of Sovereign Monarchies

Triumvirate Alliance
Kingdom of Kokumion
Kingdom of Lariru
Kingdom of Yushiirion

League of Stone
Hirashimi Union
Kyato Empire
Imotari Republic
Metaki Kingdom


King Kokumi Kōtei
King Larion Utatsuo
King Yushiiri Nutakira
Field Marshal Untakora
General Nokanoma

Chancellor Urahan
Emperor Tsuran
Magistrate Urakomu
Regent Merakon
Supreme Admiral Shinto
General Otsukara Saruto


2,600,000 men
300 ships
50 aircraft

4,000,500 men
400 ships
32 aircraft


964,900 men
250 ships
20 aircraft

2,645,980 men
380 ships
29 aircraft

The War of the Tsuinaron States is the last Tsuinaron conflict fought solely on Puqortia. It involved all seven Tsuinaron nations existent at the time: The Triumvirate Alliance, composed of the Kingdoms of Kokumion, Lariru and Yushiriion; and the League of Stone, consisting of the Hirashimi Union, the Kyato Empire, the Imotari Republic, and the Metaki Kingdom. The conflict began at the end of the Rising Era and the beginning of the Warring States Era, and ended at the end of the Warring States Era, when the Kyato Empire, the last survivor of the League of Stone surrendered to the TA forces. Following the war, The Great Strike occurred, forcing the Tsuinaron underground. This resulted in the formation of the Tsuinaron Confederate Empire, which would eventually evolve into the Democratic Federation of Species in the Norma Arm, then the Second Normarian Federation. The War lasted for 87 years.


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Battle of the Temujin SeaEdit

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Battle of KanomasoruEdit

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