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Average length


Average Lifespan

220 Earth years


Echolocation, slowness.

The Whari are a sapient race from the planet Uwele in the Triangulum Galaxy. They are a member species of the United Vannah Planets and so the Iralek Alliance.


Physically large, the Whari are quadrupeds growing up to 4.4m long. They have barrel-shaped bodies and columnar legs for support. Their heads are like large beaks, and eyeless, though with a fatty hump for the focussing of sounds onto their echolocative organs.

Slow and purposeful in their movements, Whari have slow reflexes and movement. They are nevertheless very strong and tough. They can produce focussed blasts of sound that are of sufficient volume to cause pain, and are capable of shutting off their own hearing to make themselves unaffected.


All known Whari are in the UVP. ----

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