Spectral type F6
Age 5 billion years
Size .9 Sol masses
Surface temperature 6400 K
Diameter .9 Sol diameters
Stars 1
Planets 5
Moons 4
Cluster Neolia Cluster
Region or Arm Scutum-Centaurus Arm
Galaxy Milky Way Galaxy
Faction Contested
Wight is the F-class star at the center of the Neplixeme star system. Wight is the human name for this star, and has also become common usage among the Nanos. The Ornothosians call it Grrapko, meaning simply 'light' in Ornothan. The Mantrassian name is Vizshininil, which translates as 'agitator', likely because of the effect its heat can have on Mantras' weather.

Wight has five planets orbiting it; Savaia, Mareko, Netrixia, Mantras, and Ornoth. On the edge of the system is a group of asteroids. There is a distinct lack of gas giants in the Neplixeme system.

Wight is about 5 billion years old, giving it at least another billion or so years before any major change occurs in its make-up.



Main article: Savaia

Savaia is a desert planet that orbits just barely within the habitable zone of Wight. The planets atmosphere is choked with dust much of the year, leaving it dark and hot. The inhabitants of Mantras use Savaia as a dumping ground for social and industrial trash.


Main article: Mareko

Mareko is a water world, with no known land masses. The Vablub are the only sapient species that has a stake here. Their underwater realm is covered in coral reefs.


Main article: Netrixia

Netrixia was originaly a mostly barren world until the Nanos came. They then covered it in factories and mining/refining plants. The "atmosphere" is mostly composed of smog and other waste gasses. All the same, a few species still survive here.


Netrixia's one moon has been turned into a resort for the Nanos that do not want to live in space stations. The surface is airless and cold.


Main article: Mantras

Mantras is dominated by a thick, swampy jungle, broken by large fields and mountain chains. The atmosphere is highly toxic to oxygen breathers, with methane, zenniz, and nitrogen gasses making up the main part. Some oxygen is also present.


Venn is the smaller of Mantras's two moons, and also the farthest orbiting. It is likely a captured asteroid, as Mantrassian mythology does not include it until later in history.


Trekttt has been terraformed by the Mantrassians, giving it an atmosphere much like Mantras. It is the closest of Mantras's two moons.


Main article: Ornoth

Ornoth is a iceball planet. The equatorial summer temperature is about thirty-two degrees meaning that liquid water is constrained to hot-springs and oceans.


Ornoth's only moon, Danrr has a huge canyon covering half its surface. The conditions are about the same as on Selene.

Other Orbiting ObjectsEdit

Main article: Cane Cluster

Cane ClusterEdit

A thick group of asteroids at the edge of Wight's gravity well.

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