Spectral type G9
Age 5.3 Billion years
Size 0.8 Sol masses
Surface temperature 4985 K
Diameter 0.86 Sol diameters
Stars 1
Planets 8
Moons 173
Cluster Crab Nebula
Region or Arm Perseus Arm
Galaxy Milky Way Galaxy
Faction Disputed

Wollstonecraft is a class G9 star in Delson territory. It is predominantely human-owned and serves as a sort of refuge camp since the Buyuk Empire's invasion on Gaea.



Clerval is a warm, iron planet and a thin atmosphere of argon and xenon. It is pelted by meteors very frequently, but nonetheless, Delson-owned mining stations are in orbit.

Waldman and KrempeEdit

Waldman and Krempe are double planets. Waldman is a planet with large amounts of greenhouse gas and a high surface temperature while Krempe is actively volcanic due to the stronger tidal pull from Waldman.


Main article: Moritz

Moritz is a garden world and a human settlement of about 4,000. The planet has a thick ring system around it after an asteroid destroyed its moon. Moritz has a short day night cycle of about 12 hours which makes the planet vulnerable to storms. The coastlines tend to be mountainous and rugged while the bast of these mountains are tropical and humid.

Asteroid FieldEdit

A standard iridium-rich asteroid field that circles the system.


Frankenstein is a green gas giant with five large moons and 56 other small moons with a thin ring.


Homonculus is a moon dotted with plenty of artificial structures dating back to at least the Omni-era. It is believed that at one point, Homonculus was habitable, but was later ravaged by a Buyuk invasion.


Alphonse is a barren, rocky world with a thin atmosphere.


Victor is a planet with almost near constant thunderstorms due to intense static build up.


William is an icy world with oceans locked beneath it. These oceans are home to miscroscopic organisms that get energy from geothermal vents.


Caroline is a planet with a lot of vulcanism due to the tidal pull from Frankenstein as well as its other moons.


Kirwin is a large brown gas giant with a massive ring system. It has 78 moons.


Lavenza is an ice giant tilted on its side about 45 degrees. It has 34 moons.


Walton is an extrasolar captured super-Earth consisting of both ice and crystal formations.

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