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Class M Red Dwarf


.51 Sol masses


6 billion

Number of Charted Planets


Number of Charted Moons



The Triangulum Galaxy

X'tra (meaning "sun" in the Sh'nahl language) is Class M Red Dwarf with five planets. It is approximately half the size of Sol, with a fairly old age at 6 billion years. This system is home to the mysterious and amoral Sh'nahl.



Nil'wo (meaning "homeland" in the Sh'nahl language) is a tidally locked planet, serving as the homeworld of the Sh'nahl. One side of the planet is a frozen wasteland, while the other side is a molten land of lava-filled "lakes." In the center of these two halfs is a "twilight area," in which most species are able to evolve and survive. Due to UV flares, most, if not all, creatures here are covered in a protective carapase.


T'gu (named after the Sh'nahl deity of the same name) is a terrestrial planet, with a relatively cold surface and inhabited by basic lifeforms such lichens and eukaryotes.


Nyr'Staal (named after the Sh'nahl deity of the same name) is a snow-covered planet, though fairly green at the equator. It is inhabited by semi-sentient creatures, most of which protect themselves from the cold either through the use of fat and fur or living underground.


Ogggth (names after the Sh'nahl deity of the same name) is a gas giant, mostly of a yellowish-brown color, with several moons in orbit.


Mghn-Rha (named after the Sh'nahl deity of the same name) is a gas gient and the farthest planet from the sun. It is known to have the largest amount of moons within the solar system.

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