Born in 1259.AD(GregCal.), Xivagne ondre Leenaea, commonly nicknamed Xi'Leen, is one of seventeen genetically validated Xavin-Zian children by her mother, Lissigne an Uhrassala MMXIX of the Corossa Hives and Unuo Laje, a Zian linguistics professor and ambassador from the Zian Longest Reach Colony Organization to the Hives.







Xi'Leen wears a relatively harmless-looking two piece uniform consisting of a strapless black tanktop and black stretch trousers that reach to the middle section of her tibia, in addition to fingerless gauntlets on all four hands. The uniform has purple outlines and is highly flexible. Despite the generally perceived as provocative appearance and seeming redundancy of the outfit, this is yet another under-the-radar defence measure. The previously-mentioned purple lines are infact a small array of emitters that project a powerful, invisible kinetic force barrier between the items of clothing, that is flexible and weighs nothing. She also possesses a headband that projects a similar bubble shield around her head which also comes with a GUI and HUD.

Similarly, a belt around her waist, on which her chronomech is mounted, projects a large frontal force barrier with a length of approximately 4m x 2m, with a falloff of about 1m. The belt also has several small compartments for various useful (and some rather unusual) gadgets.

She generally goes into battle with four small gauntlets attached to her each of her gloves that fire plasma bolts similar to those found in experimental designs, albeit more refined and with a large AoE (area of effect). The four gauntlets can also produce foot-long blades as well as a variety of tools.

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