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Xyris worldgen
A map of Xyris' surface




Thatak, Venelov

Distance from star

0.71 AU

Surface gravity


Axial tilt


Day length

19.5 hours

Year length

235.5 Earth days


75.4% nitrogen, 23.1% oxygen, 1.5% argon, other gases

Xyris is a planet that orbits the star Deseda, in the Triangulum Galaxy. It is home to the Sikhean Brotherhood.


A desert, terrestrial planet, Xyris orbits 0.71AUs from its star.


Xyris has a diameter of 15,100 km and a mass of 1.45 Earths. It has a density of 4807 kg/m^3 and a surface gravity of 1.03g.


The planet takes 19.5 hours to rotate. Its axial tilt is 15.3 degrees, but is unstable. A year on Xyris is 269 Earth days.


The crust of Xyris is 44.5% oxygen, 29.1% silicon, 8.7% aluminium, 4.1% iron, 4.0% calcium, and the remainder other elements.


43% of the planet's surface is water. It has two ice caps and a number of ice-tipped mountains around its poles. The average global temperature is 11 degrees centigrade.


Xyris' atmosphere is 75.4% nitrogen, 23.1% oxygen, 1.5% argon, and the remainder other gases.


This planet has no natural satellites.


The barren surface of Xyris is mainly cold desert. Some temperate forest lies around the seas, and there are large expanses of 'grass'-land, though the grass is yellow and has leaves wrapped around like a cylinder. Animals survive here, mainly in the forests.


The Sikhean Brotherhood have built a number of cities and fortresses near the planet's Southern mountains, as well as a few spaceports and defence batteries. They have large refineries and factories that carve into the rock, and quarried caverns are converted into nuclear reactors for power.

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