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A Tikhio

A blueprint of a Yerghem.

Yerghem are a type of construct of the Xzeron. They serve as the standard infantry in their military and are the most common type of construct encountered.


Their body is composed of many parts that are kept together by using electromagnetical fields emitted by charging the material in which they live with small pulses.

The Tikhio can adapt their form at any given time but mostly use the form described below:

  • Head: The head is tear shaped and serves as an energy producing unit supplying the A.I. with power, a small but powerfull generator resides here. There is a voice unut built in to be able to communicate with other species.
  • Torso: The torso is composed of 3 parts and a spine consisting of 5 small magnets.
  • Arm: Each arm is composed of a shoulder piece, an upper arm piece, a lower arm piece and a hand.
  • Hand: Each hand is composed of a handpalm with 3 fingers.
  • Finger: Their fingers are made out of 2 pieces, a middle piece and a fingertip. Tikhio's can change their polarity to fire their fingertips at a high speed.
  • Leg: Legs are made out of 4 parts, the hips, upper leg, lower leg and eventually the foot.
  • Foot: The foot is made out of 3 parts, the foot itself and 2 long, sharp triangle like toes.

All parts contain built in circuits made by microbots.


The Yerghem is used as the main soldier during times of war.

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