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4.7 billion years


0.91 solar masses

No. planets


No. moons



Iralek Sector, Triangulum Galaxy

Yesun is a star system in the Triangulum Galaxy.


A G6V-class star, Yesun has 0.91 solar masses and a surface temperature of around 5650K. It has a low metallicity and a 16 billion year lifespan.


A number of planets orbit Yesun.

Kalt is a greenhouse world, orbiting at 0.47AUs. Its surface temperature is over 370 degrees centigrade, and the atmosphere is a thick smog. It has a large moon on which has a number of very long gauges across its surface.

Threus is the homeworld of the Vannah. It is a planet of 0.9 Earth masses and a 13,500 km radius, giving it a surface gravity of 0.8g. The majority of the land area is savannah and desert. The planet has a single large moon. It orbits at 0.85AUs.

Androphe is a Jovian gas giant of 0.8 Jupiter masses. It has fifteen moons, three of substantial size. The atmosphere is banded red and white.

Telno is a Neptunian gas giant. It is of 8 Earth masses and has a single large moon as well as a few smaller ones. The large moon orbits retrograde and is mainly ice.

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