Yushirino Kagayaku Meda
Yushirino Kagayaku Meda
King Yushirino Kagayaku Meda in his official military uniform.
General statistics
Born 2119 CE
Affiliation Democratic Federation of Species in the Norma Arm
Titles King of Yushiriion; Supreme of the Defence Force of the Democratic Federation of Species in the Norma Arm
Status Alive
Species Reptimacropus Argutus
Gender Male
Height 178 cm/5'10.1"
Weight 60 kg/132.3lbs

King Yushirino Kagayaku Meda is the current King of Yushiriion and is part of the Triumvirate of the DFSNA. He is one of the youngest kings to serve the nation in its history and is the head of the Tsuinaron military.

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