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Zor'ek, translating to "Home Planet" in the Ez'thil language, or Peisa, meaning "Provider" in the Jurei language, are both names shared by the homeworld of the Ez'thil and Jurei species.


Zor'ek~Peisa is primarily grasslands and warm deserts, with icy poles to the north and south. The grasslands and deserts are both vast, with water-filled lakes and oases in each region, respectively. Underneath these lakes are caves which lead to underground oceans. While the deserts are primarily filled with dunes, as well as Ez'thil colonies and cities, the grasslands are filled with giant plateaus and canyons, many of which are important spiritual locations for the Jurei. Dotting the grasslands are also numerous Jurei tribal camps. While the deserts and grasslands are primarily cut down the middle, the two can also interlace, with some small portions of the grasslands within the desert and vice versa.


There are two sapient species on Zor'ek~Peisa, the Ez'thil and the Jurei. The former is an advanced race of Insectoid engineers and explorers, while the latter are a tribal mammalian race. The deserts are filled with reptiles, insects, and carrion birds, although many mammals have been domesticated by the Ez'thil as livestock. The grasslands, too, are inhabited by reptiles, insects, birds, and mammals. The arctic poles are also inhabited by many cold-adapted mammals, most of which are covered in thick fur. In the lakes around the grasslands lives numerous fish and aquatic mammals, while the underground oceans houses crustaceans and some fish species.


The planet only has one moon. To the Ez'thil it is known as Zhil'is, meaning "Moon", while the Jurei call it Salaran, meaning "Darkness". This moon was formed from a massive impact on the planet about 5 billion years ago.

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